CASE STUDY: Noble House Resorts

In the competitive luxury hotel market, we articulated distinct advantage through place and experience.


The client:
Noble House is a collection of 18 luxury hotels and resorts across the United States. Based in Kirkland, Washington, Noble House provides outstanding lodging, resorts, restaurants, vacation homes, spas, marinas, and property and golf management in desirable destinations. 

The challenge:
Noble House was struggling to articulate and communicate the value that their brand was adding to the individual properties they owned and/or managed. And also what those properties collectively added to the Noble House brand. They asked us to take a look.

The strategy:
It started with a one-day brand story workshop with leadership of Noble House and several of their property managers. The process uncovered three key priorities to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive luxury hotel and resort market, beyond price: 1. Attract and retain the best staff; 2. Show that their properties represent the essence of the place they were found; 3. Create a sense of expectation for business and leisure guests’ arrival and stay. We also addressed issues related to the introduction of new or upgraded spas and restaurants at the properties. We toured strategically significant properties, conducted staff interviews, and kept a detailed journal of the experience. The report guided and inspired the implementation of new communications tools, including a series of printed brochures and web copy that shared the revitalized story of the these distinguished luxury hotel and resort properties.