CASE STUDY: Delicious Living

Kinder and gentler than reality TV, we gave an old friend a new makeover with a magazine redesign.


The client:
For more than 30 years, Delicious Living magazine has been a trusted voice in the natural living community. The magazine supports healthy lifestyles through original recipes, well-researched unique health and wellness stories, and unbiased product reviews. Delicious Living intends to make it easy for people to connect with local natural products stores and the responsible companies that make healthy living achievable, sustainable and fun.

The challenge:
Delicious Living wanted to generate interest among a new, younger demographics while retaining current community trust, and to secure the position of being a thought leader in the natural living community, both for advertisers and the community at large.

The strategy:
In 2010, Dave was hired to help Delicious Living expand their current audience, broaden their relevance and instill new life to a tired, but very successful, magazine community. A magazine redesign was in order. 

Dave started at the beginning. Why did Delicious Living exist? Dave helped define the publication’s purpose and target market, and wrote an updated tagline and mission that reflected it: “Fresh ideas for everyday health.” Then he directed compelling photo shoots with real, delicious food. He reinvigorated the magazine’s design with fresh, modern typography, engaging departments, and lively yet natural colors to make the book feel fresh, healthy and alive.

Focusing on the business purpose allowed Dave to guide strategy and art direction to effectively convey the magazine’s core message, and open new entry points and usability, while remaining a reliable resource for existing readers. By clarifying and bolstering what made the brand strong and eliminating excess, he was able to maintain trust and also leverage that into targeted conversations with new readers and advertisers. In a world of disappearing print magazines, the redesigned Delicious Living is holding its own.

“In 2010, Dave took on the tricky task of reinvigorating Delicious Living magazine with a full redesign from top to bottom. It’s no easy thing to reinvent a stalwart, well-loved brand without alienating one’s audience (especially one as vocal and protective as DL readers), but Dave accomplished it with talent and aplomb. I was especially impressed with his clarity regarding the target; indeed, in discussions with our then editor-in-chief, they even designed a new tagline for the cover–fresh ideas for everyday health–that then informed every angle of his work. His redesign was and is such a relief to the eye: clean lines, bright palette, lots of entry points for the reader. We have continued to adhere to his vision because why mess with success?”

Elisa Bosley
(former) Editor-in-chief, Delicious Living magazine