Dovetail: Master craftsman of human experiences

A dovetail is a signature woodworking joint technique noted for its tensile strength, elegant effectiveness and longevity. Like the ancient carpentry method, our creative agency values purpose, craftsmanship, elegance, effectiveness and quality that lasts.

Core Creative Team

Dave Levine, President and Executive Communications Strategist, is a visionary. But his real gift is seeing the greater vision—and then actually implementing it—in the most effective way possible. A sharp, nimble, intuitive problem solver, Dave leads teams to identify, achieve, and often exceed, their business goals.

Dave honed his craft working for Boulder, Colorado’s preeminent small agency, Jenkins & Page. Since the mid-1990s, he has shared his communication expertise with nonprofits, B2B and consumer clients nationwide. Whether millennials, millionaires or mamas, Dave believes in building strong brands that genuinely connect with people. With a psychology degree from Wesleyan University, mediation certification from the University of New Mexico Law School, and design immersions at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, Dave’s intimate understanding of people and what motivates them means he excels at creating powerful brand experiences.

Dave has climbed first ascents, skied first descents, designed and built an eco-friendly strawbale home that impresses custom builders, and can whip up fierce ethnic food from an empty fridge.

Jenn Weede, Executive Creative Director, reads people like books. An empath and anthropologist, she sees and feels the essence of your truth and knows how to translate that for clients.

Jenn cut her teeth in media communications at age 8, writing, designing and self-publishing her first magazine. After receiving degrees in social science, fashion, communications and journalism, Jenn lived the dream as a fashion editor at Fairchild Publications in New York City. There she gained visibility as an acute trend spotter and social commentator who has been interviewed on Good Morning America, ESPN2 and Resort Sports Network, as well as published in dozens of national and international magazines. After learning to snowboard and rock climb, she relocated to Colorado, working with countless companies and organizations to promote healthy living and the great outdoors, plus art, aerospace, communications technologies and luxury travel. She has extensive storytelling experience including writing, and art directing, producing, and styling photo and video shoots. But her real talent is revealing the heart of your story, because people act on how they feel not what they think.

Jenn has traveled more countries than she can count, completed an adventure race, skied a glacier, danced in an African village and sung live at the Fox Theatre in Boulder. She is the artist founder of the Fireweed Studio, currently working in clay.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with many outstanding people, brands, businesses and organizations. 

We’ve worked in health care, fashion, finance, footwear, food and beverage, natural products, healthy living, sports, arts, the great outdoors, hospitality, travel, technology and aerospace. Whatever your world, we pair the right people to your project so you are dialoguing authentically with your target market. Our team is truly a trusted partner creating meaningful experiences that reinforce your brand and enliven your business.